Valentines Day Poems for Kids

Valentines Day Poems for Kids

Valentines Day is the time of the year that gets every one into the mood for romance and when adults get romantic and sentimental. Adults try to express their feelings by giving gifts and cards to their loved ones; however this Day can also be a special occasion for kids.

Here is a good solution for kids those who are worried about giving gifts to their loved ones. The easy and best way is to give your own handwritten poems to your kids or your relatives to express your feelings and love towards them. Poetry awakens child’s senses and helps to make connections to others. Reading these poems will also help kids to improve oral language skills.

Many parents give their kids gifts and Valentines Day cards on this day to let them know that they are special to them. You can make a  card for kids special by adding poems for kids, these poems can help you personalize the cards that you give your kids on this day.

Here we have a collection of some of the best poems for kids that will help you convey a very meaningful message to your kids and also bring a smile onto their face. These Valentines Day poems for kids can also be used by kids who want to give their parents, teachers or friends a card and would like to add a personalized message on their card.




To-morrow is saint Valentines Day

All in the morning betimes,

And I a maid at your window

To be your valentine.

…. William Shakespeare


You are the bow

I am the arrow

You are the wheel

I am the barrow

You are the cripple

I am the crutch

You are the rabbit

I am the hutch

You are the hand

I am the glove

Yes, I’m a mitten

Smitten by love

 …. Patrick Winstanley


I made my dog a valentine,

she sniffed it very hard,

then chewed on it a little while

and left it in the yard.

I made one for my parakeets,

a pretty paper heart,

they pulled it with their claws and beaks

until it ripped apart.

I made one for my turtle,

all he did was get it wet,

I wonder if a valentine

is wasted on a pet

…. Jack Prelutsky


Valentine O Valentine

I will be your love and you will be mine

We all care for each other, rain or fine

And in 90year we will be 99-Ian Serraillier

“Oh will you be my wallaby”?

Asked Mr.Kangaroo.

For we could find so very many

Jumping things to do.

I have a pocket two feet wide

And deep inside,

My dear, you’d ride….

Oh,come and be my bouncing bride,

My valentine, my side-by-side

I am in love with you.”

…. Jane Yolen


Remember all you maidens

From the isle of dogs

Before you find a prince

You must kiss a lot of frogs

…. Paul Curtis