Valentines day party for kids

Valentines day party for kids

Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world as the day dedicated to love, romance and friendship. People celebrating Valentines Day celebrate this day by spending time with their loved ones, friends and partners, exchanging gifts, flowers, chocolates and partying and having fun. While adult Valentines Day parties are very popular, a new trend that is fast becoming popular is to throw a Valentines Day party for kids. Kids Valentines Day parties are organised so that kids can get together with friends and enjoy themselves doing things like making Valentines Day craft or making cookies etc.

If you are planning on throwing a Valentines Day party for kids this year and are out of ideas on what to do, we have some great Valentines Day party ideas for kids that will help you organize a great Valentines Day party for kids that they will enjoy.

Valentines Day party ideas for kids:-

While planning out a Valentines Day party for kids, some of the things that you should keep in mind include:-

Planning:- To throw a great party the secret to success is planning. You should plan at least 2-3 weeks in advance for throwing a great Valentines Day party for kids that they would enjoy and remember.

Kids Valentines Day party Theme:- Once you have decided to throw a Valentines Day party for kids, you need to choose a theme for the party.  You can have your party decorations done as per the theme of the party. Since you are organizing a kid’s party, its best to choose a theme that kids would enjoy.

Colors and Dress Code:- Once you have chosen a theme for your Valentines Day party for kids, you can choose the colors and the dress code for the kids. This need to be informed well in advance so that the parents can have the children prepared for the party.

Kids Valentines Day party Invitations: –  The next step in organizing a kids Valentines Day party would be to design and send out the Valentines day party invitations. You should choose a design that matches the theme of the party. In case your party theme is pirates, your party invitation can have a pirate or a pirate ship picture on it. You should send out your Kids Valentines Day party invitations at least 2 weeks in advance so that parents are aware of the party and do not make any alternate plans.

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Decorations: When planning a Valentines Day party for kids, decorations play a very important role. Kids love to attend parties where there are a lot of decorations. One great Valentines Day party ideas for kids is that you can have the kids help you with the decoration of the party venue. The party decorations must be in line with the party theme, you do not have to have expensive decorations done, you can have balloons, paper cut-outs or cut-outs made with cardboard made and put up on the walls. You can also decorate the ceiling with streamers, balloons, crepe paper and lights.

Kids valentines Day party table decoration:- When throwing a kids party, you can set up a few tables with chairs set around them, you can decorate the table with a red colour or pink tablecloth and have flowers and cut outs of cartoon characters placed on the table, you can also have a bowl of red, pink and white candies placed on each table. For the chairs, you can cover them in red or pink sequin. This would give the place a vibrant look.

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Food: Kids love going to parties where there are plenty of yummy goodies and treats for them. When throwing a kids party you should ensure that there is plenty for the kids to eat. The food that you choose for your Valentines Day party for kids should be things that they enjoy eating. You can have a large cake baked with red, white and pink frosting, salty and sweet snacks, heart shaped cookies with a red jelly centers, cupcakes, sandwiches and red and pink jelly and juices.  You can have the kid’s help you frost the cookies or add the jelly filling to the cookies which would add more fun to your party.

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Crafts: Party craft is a great valentines day party ideas for kids as it not only is a great way of engaging the kids but also helps them develop their creative skills. You can give the kids sheets of red and pink stiff paper, crayons, colored paper and sparklers and let them use their creativity to make various craft that you can display. You can also have the kid’s take their craft work home to show their parents after the party is over.

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Games: While you can keep the kids engaged with craft work, party games will add a lot of fun to your party. You can choose Kids Valentine Day party games as per the theme of the party of have a few common party games like musical chairs, tailing the donkey, words worth, cupids corner and so on.

These Valentine day party ideas for kids will help you organise a great Valentines Day party for your kids and their friends.