Valentines Day party games for adults

Valentines Day Party Games for Adults

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentines Day is to organize a Valentines Day party for your friends and loved one. A Valentines Day party is a great occasion to celebrate Valentines Day with friends and to unwind and enjoy oneself. One of the best ways of ensuring that your guests have a great time at your Valentines Day party is to ensure that you have a lot of fun activities and valentines day party games organized. Valentines Day party games are a great way fro people to socialize and enjoy themselves during a party.

One cannot imagine a Valentines Day party without romantic party games and activities. Here we have some great romantic Valentines Day party games for adults that you can use when planning a party this Valentines Day. While these party games for adults require a bit of planning they will ensure that your party is lively and filled with fun and that your guests enjoy themselves and will remember this party for a long time.

Valentines Day Party Games for Adults

Truth or Dare:-  The game of truth or dare is not only a very romantic game that can be played during a Valentines Day party but is also very entertaining. To play this Valentines Day party game you would need around 6 or more players. You can use an empty bottle to decide whose turn it is to go, the person would then need to choose between answering a question and performing a dare. To spice up the game you can ask the person questions regarding his or her relationship of have them perform a dare like kissing one of the guests.

Paper Dance:- The game of paper dance requires couples to dance on a piece of paper for about 2-3 minutes, after that the paper is then folded in half and the couples would continue dancing on their paper, the paper is again folded and couples need to keep dancing, couples that move out of the paper are disqualified. The couple that remains dancing till the end is the winner. Paper dance is a great Valentines Day Party Games for Adults and is very romantic as well.

Propose Your Partner :- This is a very romantic valentines day party game that brings back memories of the day you proposed to your partner.  The game of propose your partner requires 4-5 couples or more to participate; the person who is chosen has to propose to the other person. To spice up the game you can exchange partners and make the game more fun. This game is filled with romance and makes the party atmosphere lively.

Love Questionnaire :- the  game of love questionnaire is a great valentines day party game for adults. This party game can be played by multiple couples and you would require a questionnaire for each couple. The questionnaire includes questions about the person’s personal tastes and likes and dislikes. Each couple is given a set of questions about each other that they need to answer in a given timeframe. Once they have answered the questions, the questions are matched with the answers. The couple who scores the highest wins the game as they have the highest compatibility.

Kissing Game:- The kissing game is a very romantic Valentines Day party game for adults for obvious reasons. This game is very popular and is played in almost every Valentines Day party. To play this game you need to have 3-4 couples or more and the female partners need to kiss their partners on the cheeks as much as possible in a given time limit. The couple with the highest number of kisses wins the game. You can have someone count the kisses or can count the number of lipstick marks on the cheeks.

Love Pictionary:-  Valentines Day is a great day to express you love for your partner. The game of love Pictionary is a great Valentines Day party game that can be played by couples at your party and is a great romantic game to include.

The Valentines Day party games for adults given here are just a few of the romantic games that you can include when organizing a Valentines Day party for adults. These romantic party games will help liven up the atmosphere and add a lot of fun and entertainment to your party.