Valentines Day Party Decorations

Valentines Day Party Decorations

Valentines Day is one day that people look forward to, Valentines Day parties are a very popular way of celebrating this day. While organizing a Valentines Day party one of the most important aspects of the party is the Valentines day party decorations. People who organize valentines Day parties need to ensure that the decorations that they choose for the party are according to the party theme that has been chosen. In this section we take a look at some great valentines day party decoration ideas that can help you organise a great Valentines Day party that is lively and enjoyable.

Valentines Day Party Decorations

Colors :- When choosing your Valentines Day party decorations you should choose decorations that are red, white and pink in color or are according to the theme that you have chosen for the party. You can have your party invitations and other decorations in the same colors and also have your guests dress in the same colors.

Balloons:- You can decorate the party venue with heart shaped balloons that are red, white and pink in color. You can string these balloons across the place and place balloons in corners. Balloons help liven up the place. You can also have a red and pink balloon arch made at the entrance of the party venue or have balloon bouquets placed around the place.

Cupid:- Cupid is said to be the god of love and the one who brings couples together. A great Valentines Day party decoration idea is to have cupids made of cardboard and hung from the ceiling, or walls. You can also have a party guest dressed up as cupid who can throw candy at the other guests.

Hearts:- The heart is the symbol of love and no valentines day party decoration can be complete without hearts. You can have various heart shaped Valentines Day party decorations made and put up to give the place a romantic look. You can heart shaped balloons placed in corners and strewn on the floor or even hung from the ceiling. You can have heart shaped flower arrangements done on each table, cut out stiff cardboard hearts and cover them in red and golden glitter paper and placed on the walls or have a large heart shaped balloon decoration made.

Lights :- When planning a Valentines Day party it is very important that you give proper thought to the type of lights that would be used, you can either have dim lights to give the place a romantic feel or can have red and pink candles placed in the room. You can also try stringing red and white lights across the place. If you are having a dance party, you can have red, pink and white lights and also add a disco ball to illuminate the place.

Flowers:- Valentines day and flowers go together, you can decorate your party venue with white, red and pink flowers. Flowers can be placed on tables and give the place a romantic touch. Flowers are a great Valentines Day party decoration idea that will help give your party a romantic touch.

Streamers:- You can decorate the party venue with red, white and pink streamers that can be draped on plants, trees or be allowed to hang from the ceiling. These streamers are great Valentines party decoration and will help liven up the place.

Table Decoration:- A great way to decorate your party venue is to have tables covered in white or pink table cloth and have red glitter sprinkled on it, you can also have a center decoration made with flowers in a heart shape or can place red and pink candy and kisses in a bowl.

Chair decorations:- You can decorate the chairs at the party venue in red and white or pink tulle with a bow tied at the back. You can also decorate them with red and pink sequins.

Wall Decorations:- You can decorate your Valentines Day party venue with various love motifs and symbols like hearts, doves, cupid or love birds. You can make these designs on stiff cardboard and wrap them in red, pink and golden paper. You can also make small paper bows in red and pink and place decorate the place with them.

Cake decorations:- Another very popular Valentines day decoration idea is to have a heart or cupid shaped cake made and decorated. You can cut the cake to mark the beginning of the celebrations.

These Valentines Day party decorations ideas will help you decorate your party venue and make it lively and fun filled. You can choose to use any of these party decorations and make your party a hit with your guests.