14th of February is celebrated as valentines day, a day when people all over the world celebrate love, romance and friendship. This day is also known as St. Valentines Day, and was commemorated to celebrate the Christian martyrs who were named Valentine. Some of the earliest secular celebrations of Valentines Day were seen in the 18th and 19th century AD where people exchanged handwritten notes and cards or gave these notes containing love quotes or poems to the ones that they loved.

Today Valentine’s Day celebrated as a day where you can express your love and affection for someone special. The most common way of expressing oneself or ones feeling on Valentines Day is by gifting a person gifts like flowers or chocolates. People also give their loved ones Valentines Day cards that contain Valentines Day love quotes. Romantic valentines day quotes and poetry are a great way of celebrating Valentines day and also help us express our feelings. These love quotes for valentines day have been collected over centuries by lovers and have been passed on over the years for people to use when sending someone a Valentines day love letter or a card. You too can use these amazing romantic love quotes if you plan on sending that someone special a Valentines Day Card. These valentines Day love quotes will not just help you express how you feel but also let the other person know how you feel about them and help you convey your feeling for that person.

In this section we not only look at romantic Valentines Day quotes, but we also have articles on funny Valentines Day quotes, Valentines Day quotes for kids, valentines Day quotes for friends and quotes for singles. We have collected some of the best love quotes for valentines day that you can find for you to use.

Romantic valentines Day Love Quotes

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We have compiled some great Valentines Day Love Quotes for you:-

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