Valentines day is synonymous with symbols like the heart, cupid, doves  and other symbols of love and romance. The 14th of February is celebrated as the day that is dedicated to love, romance and friendship all over the world, no matter what culture or geography people come from, these symbols of love and romance remain the same across the world.

People across the world celebrate this day in various ways. Some give their friends cards, gifts, flowers , chocolates and other gifts. Others celebrate this day by having dinner with loved ones or attending parties.

However one needs to get the mood right and bring about a festive spirit during Valentines day. One can do this by playing romantic music as the day nears, or by downloading themes or Images and wallpapers. Images or pictures can be downloaded from the internet onto your mobile phones or laptops and can then either be used as your mobile phone background or laptop background. Downloading various romantic images not only makes your laptops, desk tops or mobile phones look great , but they also help bring about a very romantic mood both at home and at work and helps set the mood for a great Valentines Day.

In this section we have a great selection of free romantic images that you can download and customize to either use as a background or can have these images customized and sent out to your loved ones and friends as personalized Valentines Day cards. You can also share these images with friend’s, family and loved ones. No matter what you decide to use these great images, these images and pictures are sure to set the right mood for a great romantic Valentines Day and ensure that you are always in a romantic mood whenever you decide to use your computer or your cell phone, either at home or at work. So do don’t hesitate, download these images for Valentines day here and share the joy and happiness with your friends, loved ones and family on this day of love and romance.

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