Valentines Day is a great time for couples to reaffirm their commitment and love to each other. While there are many ways that you can make your husband feel special for Valentines Day, one of the best ways of doing so is to give your husband a really romantic Valentines day gift. However it can be difficult to choose the perfect valentines Day gift for husbands that are unique and innovative.  You can try doing something different this year like calling him at work and telling him how much you love him or go on a long walk with him.

Here we look at some simple yet innovative as well as romantic gift ideas for husband for Valentines day.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Husband

  • Books and CD’s:– You can gift your husband a book from his favourite author or a CD of his favourite songs that you compiled for him. This makes for a very romantic gift that tells your husband that you love and care for him and is a great gift idea for Valentines Day for husband.
  • Gadgets:- Get your husband an electronic gadget like a new electronic shaver, massager, an i-pod or the latest mobile phone. Electronic Gadgets are great gifts for husbands on Valentines Day.
  • Romantic weekend Getaway:-  You can plan out a weekend getaway for the two of you together to your favourite romantic destination. There is nothing more romantic like a weekend getaway and this is a great Valentines Day Gift for Husbands.
  • Romantic evening:- If a weekend getaway is not on the cards, how about a romantic evening together full with a spa and romantic candle light dinner together. You can surprise your husband by booking a spa treatment for the both of you followed by a romantic candle lit dinner at your favourite restaurant, this would surely blow him away and is a great idea husband Valentines day gifts.
  • Scrapbook:- Compile a scrapbook with pictures from his college days and the time you both were dating each other and surprise him this Valentines day. This is a great Valentines Day gift for Husbands.
  • Gift Basket:- Make a gift basket that has all the goodies and treats that your husband loves and surprise him this Valentines day. Wrap the Gift hamper in red material and have it delivered to his office.
  • Cook him Dinner:- Cook your Husband a dinner that has his favourite food, set out a candle lit dinner for the both of you accompanied with some fine wine. This is sure to set the mood for a great romantic Valentines Day and is a great Gift idea for your husband this Valentines Day.
  • Sensual Massage:- Give your husband a long sensual massage with scented oils and cream on the bed that will help him relax and set the mood for a romantic evening. Decorate the room with candles and roses and put some romantic sensuous music adding to the mood and make it a Valentines day gift he would never forget.
  • Flirt with him:- Remind him of your dating days where you both exchanged flirtatious messages, call him and say sweet nothings to him over the phone while he is at work and then set up an evening date with him, having him pick you up for the evening. Dress up in a great evening dress and spend the evening with each other. This is a great Valentines Day gift idea for husbands that you both can enjoy and will bring back fond memories of your courtship.
  • Bake him a cake:- Bake your husband a sinful chocolate cake or a cake that he loves and surprise him when he comes home, you can also make him a Valentines day card and give it to him before you cut the cake together.
  • Sexy Red Lingerie:– You can buy yourself some lingerie in red, this is a great Valentines Day gift that your husband would love.

Gifting something to your husband on Valentines Day is not about spending money and buying something fancy, rather it is all about doing something or saying something to him that tells him that you care for him and that you love him just as you loved him the day you got married. So this valentines Day get him something unique that would surprise him.