Valentines Day or St. Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year as a day to commemorate various Christian Saints by the name Valentine. It is celebrated as the day  dedicated to love, romance and friendship where friends and lovers all over the world come together to spend time with each other and celebrate in various ways.

As Valentines Day approaches, it brings about a feeling of warmth, romance in the air and feeling of festivities and celebration. Many couples both married and unmarried start preparing for this day well in advance, while singles to look forward to this day as many single people take this opportunity to embark on an relationship with someone.

While there are many ways that you can choose to celebrate, there are ways that you can create a romantic mood or set the mood for this day of romance. One of the best ways ok bringing about that feel of love and romance is by downloading Valentines Day Desktop themes on your computers and laptops. These themes not only make your desktops look good but also remind you about the festival of love every time that you it in front of your computer.

These amazing themes come in different colors and brighten up your computer desktop bringing about warmth and cheer both at home and at your work place. You can spread the romantic mood by sharing these amazing themes with your loved ones, friends and family and brighten up their day.

Here we have a collection of some of the coolest Valentines Day desktop themes that you can download for free. These  themes can be installed on any windows PC with ease. You can download as many themes as you want or keep returning to change your Desktop theme every week or whenever you feel like doing so. So go ahead and download these romantic desktop themes and spice up your Valentines Day.