This Valentines Day if you plan on organizing classroom party and are not sure what to do, don’t panic. We have some great valentines day class party ideas that can help your organize the best class party ever.

Organizing a good Valentines Day class party can be especially challenging, you need to ensure that you organize a great party for your students in a limited budget. The best way to organize a great class party is to get the kids involved in the organizing as well as the decoration of the venue. Let’s look at some great Valentines Day school party ideas that you can use.

Valentines Day Class Party Ideas

Plan the party:- the first step in organizing a Valentines Day class party is to plan in advance, decide on the venue, theme, colors, dress code, decorations and party invites in advance so that you do not have any last minute disasters.

Party Theme:- Once you have chalked out your Valentines day class party plan, you should choose the theme of the party, the colors for the party and the dress code for the party. This would give your students ample time to prepare their costumes as per the color and dress code for the party.

Delegate responsibilities:- You can delegate the class party responsibilities to groups of students, making each group responsible for one task. One group can take care of making the party invites while one group would be responsible for decorating the Valentines Day Class party venue and so on. This not only makes it easy to organize the party but also makes your students responsible.

Class Party Invitations:- You can have a group of students design and work on the Valentines day class party invitations, the invitations can be made with stiff paper and can have the picture of a heart, cupid or a picture that is in line with your party theme.

Party Decorations:- When organizing a Valentines Day class party, one great party decoration idea is to make paper hearts, doves and cupids using red and pink paper. You can then hang these paper decorations on the walls or hang them from the ceiling. You can have the students help out with the decoration work and have they put it up as well. You can also use paper streamers, crepe paper and cardboard cut outs for decorating the Valentines Day class party venue.

Party Games and activities:- A great valentines day class party idea is to have fun activities and games that the students can enjoy. Some of the valentines class party games that you can have include games like musical chairs, cupid says, words worth, pass the heart and so on. You can also have some activities like craft work planned out during the class party. This would make the party more fun for the students. You can also organize for gifts and prizes for the students who win a game.

Party Food:- When planning a Valentines day class party, one needs to pay special attention to the party menu. Kids love to have goodies and treats served during a party and some of the treats that’s you can have for your class party include, frosted cupcakes, cookies in different shapes like hearts and doves, brownies, and other sweet and salty treats. You can have the kids help you put the frosting on the cupcakes and cookies making your class party it even more fun filled.

These simple Valentines Day class party ideas will help you organize a class party for your kids on Valentines Day that they will not forget soon.