unique valentines day gifts

unique valentines day gifts

Valentines Day is a day celebrated all over the world; people enjoy giving gifts to friends, lovers and family on Valentines Day. However choosing the right gift for someone can be a tricky job as you need to make sure that the gift you get for someone is according to the person’s likes and tastes. The most common Valentines Day gifts include flowers chocolates and Valentines Day cards or gifts that have cupid or heart shaped designs. However it can get repetitive to give the same types of Valentines day gifts to your friends, spouse, fiancé or lover. Here we take a look at some unique gifts for Valentines Day that you can gift others. These unique Valentines day gifts would not only surprise others but also add fun to your Valentines Day celebrations.

Unique Gifts for Valentines Day

T-Shirts:- You can gift your boyfriend or girlfriend a t-shirt on Valentines Day.  You can have these t-shirts personalized wither with a love message, love quote or even have a picture of the both of you printed on the t-shirt. This makes for a very unique Valentines Day gift that your boyfriend or girlfriend would love and always want to wear. You can have these t-shirts ordered online or can have it printed in one of the many shops around.

Photo Collage:- you can create a photo collage of the two of your with photographs from the time that you started dating each other. This makes for a very romantic and unique valentines day gift that has a very special message that say I Love You.

Favourite TV Show Series:- If you girlfriend or boyfriend loves watching a particular soap opera or TV series, you can but him or her a collection of the entire series. This is a great Valentines Day gift that the both of you can watch together for hours.

Do-it-yourself kit:- If your boyfriend loves fixing things that have broken around the house, this is a perfect Valentines Day gift for him, this can also double up as an unusual Valentines Day gift for a girlfriend, you can buy these kits in shades of pink.

Car accessories:- you can gift your guy or girl something for their car, You should however ensure that it matches the car’s interiors or colors.

Gift a website:- this is a not only a unique Valentines Day gift but also an unusual Valentines Day gift. You can book a domain in your guy or girls name and have a webpage developed and dedicated to them.

Heart printed toilet paper:- You can gift your guy or girl a roll of heart printed toilet paper that they can hand in their toilets.

Printed Stickers:- You can get a sheet of heart shaped stickers with a photo of the both of you on it and gift it to your guy or girl, making this a very unique Valentines Day gift this year.

Printed Mugs:- you can have a photograph of the both of you kissing or hugging printed onto a coffee mug and gift it to your guy or girl. This makes for a very romantic gift that would remind you about your guy or girl every time you have a cup of coffee.

These are just a few ideas for unique Valentines Day gifts that you can gift people this year, you can also try doing something different by gifting homemade Valentines day gifts like home made photo frames etc.

These Unique Valentines day gifts are sure to bring a smile to your lovers lips and remind them about how much you love and care for him or her.