How to Kiss Well

How to Kiss Well

Kissing is one of the most natural ways of displaying love and affection for the person you love. In fact the kiss cuts through all barriers of relationships and can be used as a way of displaying affection in a relationship that is not romantically inclined as well.  Whatever be the setting, relation and reason, the kiss is the single most important and common way of showing affection.

When it comes to relationships and couples, the kiss plays a very important role, as a kiss is worth a thousand words. A kiss is the perfect way of conveying your love, affection and passion to your partner, without saying much. However not all of us are great at kissing. Learning how to kiss good is not very heard, in fact kissing is not a science, its more of an art, and learning how to kiss well requires a lot skill and patience.

If you want to be a expert at kissing and want to learn how to kiss well, we have the perfect advice for you. Here we look at some great yet simple tips on how to kiss well that you can use to be a great kisser and sweep your partner off his or her feet. These tips on how to kiss will help you build confidence in your kissing skills and help you take your relationship to new heights.

Hygiene:- Before you learn how to kiss well, you need to ensure that your oral as well as personal hygiene is in place. You need to ensure that you do not have bad breath as well as ensure that you do not have body odor.  No one would want o kiss a person who stinks and has bad breath. The easiest way to ensure that your personal hygiene is good is to ensure that you bathe daily, wear fresh clean clothes, apply deodorant, brush your teeth twice a day, use mouth wash to rinse your mouth before a date and keep some mint or mint flavored chewing gum handy.

Perfect setting:- While kissing can be a very spontaneous act of passion and romance, if you want to share a perfect kiss, you need a perfect romantic setting or location.

Focus on your partner:-  If you want to kiss your partner, it’s very important that you focus on your partner to ensure that the kiss you share is the best one ever. Focusing on your partner while kissing, ensures that you think about your partner only, and that you do not get distracted with other thoughts.

Relax:- Many people stiffen up and get stressed by the very thought of sharing a kiss, a kiss is a very intimate moment between you an your partner and is one best savored when the both of you are relaxed and not rushed. When kissing your partner, relax and enjoy the moment, and go slow.

Body Language:- While kissing one very important aspect that needs to be kept in mind is your partners body language. Kissing is an intimate moment between two people and it is very important that you feel and sense every move made by your partner and interpret it in the right way.

Start slow:- If you are kissing your partner, you should always start slow, relax, move close to your partner, probable hug your partner or snuggle up to your partner, enjoy the physical intimacy between the both of you. Have a smiling radiant face( no one wants to kiss when you are frowning). Hold your partners face or place your hands on your partners back or hips and draw your partner closer, tilt your head a bit to avoid contact with your partners nose, moisten your lips and gently brush your lips against your partners lips. You can start slowly and then allow the kisses to be longer, savouring every moment of this intimate kiss.

Be gentle:- When kissing your partner, be gentle, don’t rush things, many times men get carried away while kissing and get turned on, which makes them want to make love to their partners. However women like to kiss more because of the emotional bond that it creates between partners rather than the adrenaline rush and the anticipation of love making.  Give your partner space and time; there will be many occasions that you would get to make love. Focus on the kiss and enjoy this moment.

Communicate:-  after sharing a kiss with your partner, hug your partner or lay your head on your partners shoulders and wait for a while before talking. It is ok to ask each other how they felt about the kiss, express your love for your partner though words and let your partner know ho much you care for him or her.

Kissing is the best way of saying “I love You” and no matter whether you are young or old, married or unmarried.