Short Valentines Day Poems

Short Valentines Day Poems

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, celebrated to commemorate love and romance. It is a day to express your inner feeling towards your lover, parents or relations. So it is quiet natural that each one wishes to celebrate this day uniquely and give some unique gifts to their loved ones.

Your Valentine’s Day must be remarkable and should leave an unforgettable moment in the mind of your beloved. Showing your love can be a tough call, but one of the most romantic and exciting things you can do is send a short poems to your love. Short poems can be used to personalize a Valentines Day card or can be sent as a text message to the one you love.

It is very easy to buy chocolates, flowers and other gifts from the market but writing a poem on a handmade card is a really touching thing one can expect from their beloved person. You can post your ideas and feelings right from your heart on this card in the form of short poem. We have some list of some short poems to create your own card:

Short Valentines Day Poems

My sweetheart from now until forever
Even when death separates us,
You will always be my only true love.
I will never leave you nor hurt you
You’re my one and only SWEETHEART

…. Brandi Grate


Where true Love burns Desire is Love’s pure flame;

It is the reflex of our earthly frame,

That takes its meaning from the nobler part,

And but translates the language of the heart

…. Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Love is when that special someone kisses you.
Love is having someone to talk to.
Love is being romantic on that one day.
Love IS happiness that is shown day after day

…. Ronnie R. Jennings

On Valentine’s Day, I think about

The people who are dear,

How much they add to life’s delight

Whenever they are near.

You’ve always been a total joy,

Such pleasant company,

I very much appreciate

Our compatibility!

 …. Joanna Fuchs


I crave your honesty on this day of love,
L ove you whole-heartedly my sweet dove.
O ut of the blue you shot from the sky,
V ividly, beautifully stunning my eye.
E ver adoring you is what I do best,
Y our smile, your face and all the rest.
O n days like these I truly believe,
U and I are meant to be

…. Crystal L. Callaway

Night is falling my heart is calling
I feel so lonely I need you only
but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed
if you’ll be my Valentine
I’ll take you instead