How to Kiss a Girl

How to Kiss a Girl

A kiss is the most intimate, sensuous, and wonderful experience one can have with someone you love. A kiss is a sign of sharing love, passion and affection with your partner. A kiss is the best way of showing that you love someone and a great way to express your feelings for that person. When it comes to kissing a girl, things may get a bit complicated, as girls are more emotional than boy. It’s always good to seek advice on how to kiss a girl if this is going to be the first time you would be kissing a girl.

Kissing a girl is a very important skill for any guy to acquire, how you kiss depicts the depth of your love towards the girl.  Kissing is all about confidence, so guys should have the confidence in themselves and their kissing skills so that they are able to kiss a girl and ensure that all is picture perfect. If you are kissing for the first time, do not hesitate to do so, as you are expressing your love towards the girl through that kiss.  Read on to learn how to kiss a girl or improve your kissing skills and kissing tips to impress your girl;

Location: – Before you  kiss a girl, you need to have a nice and romantic place where both of you should be comfortable to kiss. Kissing a girl with the sunset as a backdrop, a deck on a lake, on the paddle boat or an empty grass meadow will be an ideal place.  You can also kiss while watching a romantic movie together. A candle light dinner at the private room will create a romantic environmentl.

Set the mood: Get close to your partner and put your arm around her. Snuggle up to her once you put your arms on her shoulder. This will help you to lean into her for the kiss, and it is a good way to break the touch barrier if it had not broken earlier. If she snuggles back or flirts with you another way than go closer to her.

Prepare for the kiss: Prepare yourself for your date by dressing well and being well groomed. Make it appealing by applying a suitable deodorant or perfume or you can use after shave on your face to attract her towards you. Always chew mint before kissing a girl, this would ensure that your breath smells fresh. Ensure that before going on date, you brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash to avoid bad breath. If you are having a bad breathe it could be a turn off for your girl, and she may not be willing to kiss. Use lip balm with flavor that will moisten your lips and give your lips a great flavor. Always try to set the mood for the kiss flirting with her, touching her or hugging her before you kiss her.

Go for it: Eye contact is a must before you start kissing. If she is not looking at you, then play with her hair and hold her face in your hands and turn her gently towards you. Look into her eyes and start to lean in .If she looks at you and doesn’t stop you, then get closer to her and gauge her reaction. Be confident and slowly close your eyes and part your lips to kiss her. If you are not holding her, hold her gently at the hips or place your hands on her back.  Tilt your head a bit to avoid contact with her nose and pout your lips a bit. Stay calm and gently move your face closer to her and brush your lips against hers. Be natural and once you are done slightly remove our lips for few seconds and see if she wants more from you .Look at her facial expression and if she gives you a signal to continue kissing her. Use your hands to run your hands on her back or neck when you are kissing her.

Once you are done with the kiss you don’t have to say anything to your girl, look at her and give her a smile, it is ok to ask her how she felt or if she like the kiss. Touch her gently.

These tips on how to kiss a girl will help you kiss perfectly with confidence and passion. Enjoy each moment of your kiss with our tips and impress your girl.