How to get a guy to kiss you

How to get a guy to kiss you

Every girl who dates a guy want that guy to kiss her, in fact girls dream of their first kiss well before they start dating. However at times the guy you are dating may feel shy or awkward to kiss you. You may have been on several dates with him, waiting for the perfect moment where he would make his move and kiss you. However the moment may have come and gone without him having kissed you, this could be very frustrating. Or you may have a crush on one of your guy friends and want him to make the first move.

Whatever the reason, if you have tried all you could to get a guy to kiss you and nothing seems to have worked, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you with some simple advice on how to get a guy to kiss you. These tips on how to make a guy kiss you are not only going to help you get kissed, but also make you irresistible to guys.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

To get a guy to kiss you, you need to first of all get him to like you as a girl. A lot of times girls face a common problem of been considered as one of the guys, a part of the gang, due to which their guy friends may not have any romantic interest in them. Well to get a guy to kiss you all you need to do is dress appropriately, act friendly, flirt and look good.

Let’s look at some sure fire tips to help you get kissed:-

  • Is he the right guy:- Before you plunge in and work your charm on the guy, ensure that he is the right guy. DO you like this guy, learn more about him. What are his like , his dislikes what does he do, where does he hang out etc.
  • Drop hints that you like him:- To get a guy interested in you, you need to give him subtle hints that you are into him. Let him know that you like him, flirt with him, if he is a part of your friend circle, pay extra attention to him. However do not go overboard.
  •  Check out his reaction:- Once he knows that you are into him, check for his reaction. Does he reciprocate; does he show signs of liking you? Does he spend more time than usual with you, does he find excuses to touch, does he constantly stare at you? If he does this then things are going on fine, if not continue charming him.
  • Flirting:-  Once he starts paying attention to you, you need to take it a notch further by flirting with him. Start by touching him, holding his hand or teasing him in a flirty way. Once he starts reciprocating in the same way it’s time to move to the next step.
  • Time to move in:- Once he starts flirting with you , it’s now time to make your move. Set it up so that he can meet you in a quiet place where the both of you are alone. It may be an excuse to work together on your homework or someplace else. Once you meet him, greet him with a hug, sit down and start talking with him. Say something nice to him, like complementing him on his hair or look that will make him smile. Once he smiles look into his eyes and lock eyes until he stops smiling, slowly you stop smiling as well. Now slowly move closer to him, wait for his reaction. If he moves closer he is ready to kiss you, however if he moves back or moves away back off as he may not be ready to kiss you as yet.
  •  Take his hand in your hands and gently lean in. If he leans in he is ready and signalling that he wants to kiss you. Now move in a little closer to him so that your faces are close to each other. Now flick your lisp with your tongue and tilt you head slightly to one side. This is the hint for him to go ahead and kiss you. Most of the times a guy would get the hint and draw you in for a kiss, however at times the guy may not get this hint. Doesn’t worry give it another shot. This time he would surely get the hint.

Once he draws you in and his lips touch your lips, wrap your arms around his neck gently. You can now intensify the kiss if you want. You can now try getting him to French kiss you if you want. However if this is your first kiss avoid French Kissing as it could ruin the moment.

Congratulations you have been successful in getting the guy to kiss you. You can use these tips on how to get a guy to kiss you to get a guy you like to kiss you or to get your boyfriend to kiss you. These tips are sure to get you success.