How to get a girl to kiss you

How to get a girl to kiss you

How to get a girl to kiss you is a common question asked by men’s who are either attracted to a girl or are dating a girl. A kiss is one of the best moments of a relationship and a great way of expressing your feelings for a girl. How to get a girl to kiss you is an interesting question, one that needs skill that a guy should learn with lot of patience and effort. It also requires good grooming, observing and practicing this skill and with a couple of dates, you should be fine to get kissed by the girl you are dating.

A woman rarely makes the first move, as it makes them uncomfortable while doing so. It is always a man who is supposed take an initiative and make a move for that wonderful first kiss experience. The biggest indicator that a girl wants a kiss is her eyes. When you talk to a girl who you like, notice her eyes. If she starts by first looking at your lips and then suddenly she looks towards your eyes so that you don’t notice her, it is a clear sign that she is into you. If you find yourself in such a situation with your date, it is an indication that your girl wants to be kissed. Don’t say anything to your girl, just go for a kiss. Here are some tips and advice on how to get kissed while on a date:

Get it started: Create an attraction by flirting with her, chatting with her, and expressing your outstanding qualities to your girl. You should touch her gently on her shoulder, hand, arm or leg to get her in the mood.  Look into her eyes and make her laugh to feel comfortable with you. If she doesn’t break eye contact then this is an indication she may be going in for the kiss.  Sometimes it doesn’t take long for the both of you to hit it off, however always set the mood when on a date with a girl.

Complement her: Tell her that she smells good, move your hands through her hair and compliment her hair, tell her that she looks outstanding in the dress and the ornaments she is wearing. Compliment her in such a way that she gets swept off her feet. Look into her eyes constantly to see her expressions, if she compliments you back then move closer as you flirt with her. You can also compliment her on her lips and touch them softly.

Gifts: Give her some gifts which include flowers, fancy items, or chocolates and take her out for romantic candle light dinner. Go out for a walk and have good times together, while moving out you can put your shoulder on the back to create a strong bond between you. If she suddenly stops while walking she might ask you for a kiss.

Be romantic: Go to a lovely romantic place where both of you feel comfortable to kiss and directly whisper in her ears that” I want to kiss you”. If she is into you than she will respond to your statement and kiss you strongly.

Take care of your dental hygiene: make sure you brush your teeth before kissing or use a mouth wash or mints as nothing should kill the romantic mood .Dress in a neat way, apply appealing deodorant to avoid smell. This physical appearance will make a positive approach to kiss you by a girl.

Following these simple tips you will ensure that your date kissed your or gives you an opportunity to kiss her. These simple tips work great when you have started dating someone you haven’t kissed before.