How to French Kiss a Girl

How to French Kiss a Girl

You have been dating this amazing girl for a while, but you still have not shared a passionate French Kiss with her? Well don’t worry, there are many guys who face the same problem, especially early on in their dating life. Many times guys avoid getting into a French kiss just because they are plain scared about the girls reaction. Many times a guy may meet a girl and start chatting but never take it to the next level just because they do not know when the right time to French kiss a girl is, or are just scared of being rejected. If you have faced a similar situation before, you have reached the right spot, we have the perfect tips and advice on how to French kiss a girl that will help you overcome your innermost fears and ensure that you can French Kiss a girl without being rejected or having to fear rejection.

Learning to French kiss is not rocket science, it’s an art that requires skill, patience and practice. In fact there is no right or wrong way to French kiss. What is important is the technique, passion and emotions that you put into the kiss that makes the difference between a good kiss and a great kiss. So lets look at how to french kiss a girl here.

How To French Kiss A Girl

French kissing a girl is slightly more complicated than your normal kiss and is definitely not the same as kissing a guy. Before you can French kiss a girl there are a few things that you should remember that would ensure that your advances are not rejected.

Oral Hygiene:- Before you ;learn how to kiss, you need to give a though to your oral hygiene, your breath should smell fresh, always carry some mouth freshener with you when going out on a date or a party. Ensure that you brush and rinse with mouthwash before leaving you home. Girls DO NOT like kissing guys with bad breath.

Flirt :-If you plan on French kissing a girl you have just met either at a party or somewhere else, you need to ensure that things move from the friendly chit chat to something more electrifying and filled with sexual tension that would attract the girl towards you and allow her to be French kissed by you. You need to start flirting with her, complement her on her looks, her dressing sense etc. Gently touch her arm or hand to start with, once she is comfortable with your touch, you can gently touch her face, flick her hair while you speak to her.

Location:- To ensure that a girl does not reject your advances, you need to ensure that you choose the right location to kiss a girl. While some girls are ok being kissed in public, a French Kiss is a very intimate moment between two individuals and it is best to kiss a girl in a more private setting like the back seat of your car.

Body Language:- Before you can kiss the girl, you need to ensure that you read her body language for any signs that she may be giving that she is not into you.  You need to know if she is interested in you and is ok with being kissed by you. If the girl is willing to be kissed and is into you, she would smile a lot, make eye contact, flirt with you, tilt her head to one side, and give you a shy look. No one like being ambushed with a wet slithery tongue, before you kiss the girl, ensure that you read her body language for permission to kiss her. IF you are confused, ask her out right if you can kiss her.

Tips on How To French Kiss A Girl

Move closer:- Move closer to her, move into her and see how she reacts, if she pulls away it means she is not ready and needs time. If she too moves in, move your face closer to her so that you feel her warm breath on your face.

Look into her eyes:- lock your gaze with hers, look into her eyes and smile, avoid speaking while you look into her eyes.

Moisten you lips:- Slowly moisten you lips with your tongue or by sucking your lips in.

Tilt your head:- Slowly tilt your head to one side so that your noses do not collide, angle your head so that your lips lock.

Close your eyes:- Now close your eyes and gently move closer until your lips touch.

Gentle kiss:- Start with a gentle closed mouth kiss on her lips, brush your lips gently on hers to give her an electrifying experience. Keep kissing her lips with soft gentle kisses; start with short kisses that get longer by each kiss.

Part your lips:- Now that you have started with a closed mouth kiss, gently part your lips and kiss her upper or lower lip with your parted mouth. Try covering her lips with a gentle sucking movement first on the upper lip and then moving to the lower lip. Always ensure that your lips are only slightly parted.

Use your tongue:- now slowly use your tongue to flick her lips, gently flicking them, this would prompt her to part her lips. Gently insert your tongue into her mouth and explore her mouth with your tongue, flick her tongue with yours and gently explore her tongue. Avoid rushing in and using your tongue like a windmill. Let her enjoy the experience of having you tongue kiss her.

Hands:- Now that you have started French kissing her, move your hands onto her hips or her back. Using a gentle motion explore her back with your hands and then slowly move your hands to her shoulder. You can caress the back of her head with your hands and hold her face in your hands while you kiss her.

Now that you are French kissing her, continue the kiss, increasing the intensity of the kiss with time. Ensure that you keep breathing through your nose while you kiss, avoid breathing through your mouth and gasping for air. Most important of all, complement her after the kiss; tell her this was the most exhilarating experience you have had ever. Avoid telling her she was the best kisser you met if you want to see her again.

These simple tips and steps on how to kiss a girl will help you master the technique of French kissing a girl.