How to ask a guy out

How to ask a guy out

With Valentines Day fast approaching, its time to plan out your Valentines Day celebrations and ensure that you have the perfect Valentines Day with your date. People celebrate Valentines day by going out on dates with the person they love or like, go on romantic vacations, dinner dates, give romantic gifts or cards to the person they love. However some people may find Valentines Day to be a day when they find themselves alone without a date. However you do not need to fret if you still do not have a date for Valentines Day. In case you are a girl and are looking for a charming date for Valentines Day, we have the solution for you. We have some great advice and tips on how to ask a Guy out on a date.

If you are a single girl the first step to ensure that you have a great Valentines Day is to ensure that you have a date to go out with. While its very common for girls to be asked out on a date by a guy , the number of girls who ask a guy out are considerably lesser in number for a simple reason because single guys are more accustomed to asking single girls out. However that should not be a deterrent for you if you like a guy and want to ask a guy out. Asking a guy out on a date is a very simple task that can be achieved by following these simple tips on how to ask a guy out.

How to Ask a Guy Out:

  • Be direct:– This is the best way to ask a guy out, beating around the bush and sending out indirect signals may just not work with a guy. Not that he is not interested in you, its just that guys don’t get it when you try approaching them indirectly. So instead of asking him if he wants to grab a cheese burger, or if he wants to grab some lunch (which can be misconstrued as a casual invite to have lunch), why not ask him “ Would you like to go out for dinner with me?” or “How about coming over to my place and I cook dinner for you?”. This is something that the guy will never misinterpret as a casual lunch or dinner invite.
  • Roses:-Send him a bunch or red roses with a note:- If you like a guy( especially the cool dapper guy in office) why not send him a bunch or fed roses with a note asking him out for dinner. This is not only a direct way of asking him out but also shows him how you feel.
  •  Have a plan:- Before you can ask a guy out, have a plan in place as to what you want to do, Ask a guy if he wants to catch a movie and dinner later , or have a cup of coffee or just ask him out for dinner , instead of asking him if he wants to do something.
  • Don’t come on too strong:- When asking a guy out, don’t come on to him strong.  Most of the guys get scared by women who are dominating ( though they may say otherwise) and would avoid going out with a girl who is a control freak or who comes across very strong.  When asking a guy out, try being a bit shy and gentle. Trust me this works.
  • Buy Him a Drink:- If you are at a bar or a guy at a bar catches your eye, buy him a drink. This puts the ball in the guys court while sending him a clear a message that you are interested in him. This is one sure way of asking a guy out. However you need to be a bit careful choosing the guy you want to go out with as this trick may backfire if the guy is a jackass.
  • Invite the guy out on a friendly outing:- If you can find the courage of asking a guy out on a solo night, why not ask him to join you and your friends for a night out bowling or for a party. However you need to ensure that the guy sticks to you and that he is aware that you like him. This may just fall apart if he starts liking your friend or falls for another girl.
  • If you cannot bring yourself to asking a guy out, but you are on talking terms with him, why not put the ball in his court by striking a conversation and veering it to a situation where he would ask you out.

These are just a few of the simple tips that we have put together to help you ask a guy out.  However the best way on how to ask a guy out would be something that you have tried in the past and you are comfortable with. So don’t waste anymore time fretting on the fact that you still do not have a date for Valentines Day, go ahead and try out some of these sure fire tips on how to ask a s guy out.