How to Ask a Girl Out

How to Ask a Girl Out

With Valentines Day fast approaching, every single guy has one thought on his mind. How do I get a date for Valentines Day? Well the answer is as simple as it gets, just ask the girl you like out. Many times a guy is so overwhelmed by the thought of asking a girl out that he backs off(chicken out) at the last moment. Coming up with a way of how to ask a girl out can be daunting and nerve wracking task for a guy, especially if he is not sure if the girls likes him. Most of the times a guy does not ask a girl out because he fears being rejected by her. However asking a girl out is not as hard as it seems. In fact asking a girl out can be a very simple task, as long as you know what girls like.

In case you are a single guy looking for a Valentines Day date and need help in asking a girl out , then you have reached the right place. We can help you overcome any fear or apprehensions that you may have about how to ask a girl out for a date, all you need to do is read through this article and follow these simple tips and steps on how to ask a girl out.

Tips on how to ask a girl out on a date

Confidence:-When asking a girl out the most important point is self confidence and self assurance. Not everyone has been gifted with the looks of Brad Pitt, however that should not deter your or put a spanner in your dating life, women love going out with guys who know what they want and who are confident. Girls would not like going out with someone who has low self esteem or lacks the confidence to ask them out.

Approach the girl you like. The first step in how to ask a girl out is to approach the girl first. You do not have to have a clever or funny line, just a simple hello or a simple hi would do the trick and help you strike a conversation with the girl. Once you have started struck a conversation with the girl, you can complement her on her looks, or her outfit. Ensure that you do not come on very strong in the first instance, be causal, try flirting with her and cracking a few jokes, this would help he be comfortable and at ease. As the conversation goes forward, ask for out for a cup of coffee. This is the easiest way of asking a girl out on a date.

Get to know the girl:- It is very important that you get to know a girl or at least get to know her tastes before you can ask her out. If you share common friends, get them to introduce her to you, ask them what she likes doing, what food she likes, her favourite eating joints etc. However you need to avoid looking like a stalker,  that can scare her away. Its easier to ask a girl out when you know a bit about her and her likes and dislikes. This would also help you plan your first date with her.

Don’t ask her for a date:- When asking a girl out, never start by saying “would you like going out on a date with me”. This would never work and you would not be able to get a girl to go out with you, not because she may not like you, but because this is a very boring way of asking a girl out. Girls get asked out by guys since they have been in their teens, and may have been asked out on a date many times. Instead try being innovative and tell the girl that you were planning on doing something and would like it if she could join you, you can ask her to come to the movies with you.

Convince her:- Girls like playing hard to get, they have been doing this for ages and are masters at it. While guys don’t seem to understand this technique used by girls. Girls need to be pampered and made to feel important. When asking a girl out you need to convince her that going out with you is a good idea and would be fun. If you ask a girl out and her reply is “I’m not sure..” try convincing her that she would be missing out on a lot of fun. However you need to ensure that you do not beg or sound needy.

Have fun:- You need to ensure that when you are asking a girl out, you are making your date a fun filled event. You don’t need to go overboard, you can plan out a simple date at a fun place. When asking a girl out on the first date, try not going in for a candle light dinner, this can cause a lot of pressure and can ruin things for you. Instead try doing things like going bowling, trying a sushi bar, or doing something that she would like. This would ensure that your first date with her is a success and you get a chance to date her again.

Following these simple tips and tricks on how to ask a girl out on a date would help you over come your fears and inhibitions on asking a girl out and get you a date for Valentines Day. These simple steps given here will help you with how to get the confidence to ask a girl out and most important also help you with how to ask a hot girl out. SO don’t waste your time sitting on the couch worrying that you do not have a date for Valentines Day, go out and ask that hot girl at work or the girl next door if she would like to go out with you.