How to French Kiss

How to French Kiss

The French kiss has become the timeless symbol of passionate love and romance. Cinema has elevated the French kiss between two lovers as the best way of depicting the passion between them. We all have grown up seeing and hearing about the French kiss, as a young teen, one cannot wait for their first opportunity to French kiss a guy or girl.  People who have not had the experience of French kissing someone, long to have that experience. In fact the French kiss is a very intimate moment between two people who are attracted to each other or love each other. However many people are scared stiff by the thought of having to French kiss someone, this is mostly because they are not sure how to French kiss properly.

How to give the best French kiss is a very easy task if you know what needs to be done, sure you may think I have seen hundreds of movies where they show people French kissing, however what you see is just tow lips locked in a kiss. A French kiss is much more than just two people lip kissing, the French kiss involves the tongue and lips, this is where it gets tricky. The French kiss is more of an art that needs to be perfected, it involves skill to be a good kisser.

To learn how to French kiss properly, what you need is a step by step how to French kiss tutorial that not only teaches you how to use your lips but also your tongue, so if you are looking for someone who would teach me how to French kiss, well you have reached the right place. We have the perfect set of instructions that would help you how to give the best French kiss.

Instructions on how to French Kiss:-

Before you can kiss your date, you need to ensure that you follow these tips:-

  • Moist Lips:- The secret to a great French kiss is to have moist lips. You would not enjoy your kiss if you or your partner have dry lips. To moisten your lips before French kissing, flick your longue over your lips to moisten them. You can also try using a good lip balm, you can try using a flavoured lip balm which has a fruity flavour. This would add to the experience of kissing.
  • Fresh Breath:- Before you plan on kissing someone you should ensure that you have fresh breath, always brush your teeth before going out on a date. You never know when you may get lucky. Its advisable to keep a pack of mint in your pockets when going out on a date.

Now that you are ready to kiss your partner, lets look at some simple steps on how to French kiss:-

  • Brush your lips:-  Start by lightly brushing your lips against your partners lips. Place a kiss on your partners upper or lower lip with your lips slightly parted, and then lightly brush your lips against his or her lips slowly.
  • Position your face:- When French kissing you need to have free uninterrupted access of the other persons mouth, If you kiss face on your noses would get in the way of the kiss, you need to position your head at an angle or tilted to one side to position your lips.
  • Eyes Closed:- While French kissing, always ensure that your eyes are closed. When you approach your partner for a kiss, close your eyes, it can be a big turnoff to have someone French kissing you with their eyes open.
  • Gentle start:- Start your French kiss with a gentle closed mouth kiss. The French kiss is a kiss that is open mouthed and requires the usage of the lips and tongue. When you begin the kiss, don’t lunge at your partners tongue like you are planning on devouring it. Instead start kissing by opening your lips slowly, using your lips to gently kiss your partners lips.
  • Explore:- Once you have started with a closed lip kiss, now slowly start flicking your partners lips with your tongue, this would be the que for your partner to part his or her lips, once your partners lips are open, gently start exploring your partners mouth with your tongue by gently pushing your tongue in further. Flick your partners tongue with yours, and play around with your partners tongue. Take your time to slowly explore your partners tongue and mouth. A French kiss is best enjoyed when it is passionate and slow.
  • Breathe while kissing:- It is ok to breathe while French kissing, however breathe through your nose and not the mouth. Take small breaths as you kiss.
  • Use your hands:- Once you both get into the rhythm of the French kiss, you can use your hands.  To start off the kiss rest your hands on your partners hips or back and then slowly start moving them around the back , exploring your partners back slowly and gently, you can then move to the shoulder and neck area caressing the area as you kiss. You now can move your hands slowly to your partners face and hold your partners face by placing your hands on your partners cheeks. You can also try embracing your partner.

You can continue kissing as long as you want to, believe me once you get the hang of how to French kiss someone, you would not want to let go.  However while French kissing one must keep a few things in mind:-

  • The decision to French kiss should be one that is consensual. No one like having someone shove their tongue down their throat. The decision to French kiss should be taken by both partners.
  • Body language:- Keep an eye on your partners body language, if your partner is uncomfortable, break away and start again. Being able to read your partner’s body language would make the difference between a good and great kisser.

This step by step tutorial on how to French kiss would help you master the art of French kissing and make you a great kisser. A good French kiss requires both partners to give and take, so relax push back and lip lock with your partner.