How to French Kiss a Guy

How to French Kiss a Guy

So you have been dating this handsome guy for a while now, you have kissed before on several occasions but have not shared a French kiss with him as yet. Sounds familiar? Well many girls face a similar problem when dating guys, at times it could be a problem where both the guy and girl are unsure due to which they do not French kiss or the guy just may not have made his move. There are many reasons why couple shy away from French kissing, it could be because for the fear of intimacy, not knowing how to French kiss or just pure being shy.  However if you have been dating for a while and have not yet French kissed your boyfriend, we have some advice for you that would ensure that you learn how to French kiss your boyfriend.

If you want to be an amazing French Kisser, you will find these tips on how to French kiss a guy helpful and perfect the art of kissing.

Good oral hygiene:- Before you learn to be a good kisser, it is very important that you pay attention to your oral hygiene. French kissing involves the use of your tongue and exploring your partner’s mouth. It would be a big put off for your partner if you have bad breath. Always ensure that you brush your teeth twice a day, brush before a date and rinse your mouth with mouth wash. Always carry a pack of mint with you to mask bad breath. If you are going to French kiss avoid chewing gum as it not only makes you salivate more but there is a chance of your gum finding its way in your partner’s mouth.

  • Avoid dark lipsticks:- If you are planning on French kissing a guy , avoid wearing lipsticks that are too dark in color. Stick to neutral or nude shades or shades that are light in color or even a lip balm or lip gloss.
  • Set the mood:- Sharing a kiss is a very intimate moment between two lovers. If you plan on French kissing a guy, you need to ensure that you set the mood for the perfect kiss. If you are on a date choose your moment where you can be alone and then make your move. The perfect location can be a secluded spot, park bench, or even your couch.
  • Flirt:-  To French kiss a guy, you need to let the guy know that you are into him and that you like him. The best way to get an opportunity to French kiss a guy is if you are out on a date. Flirt with him, let him know how you feel, hold hands, gently touch his arm, face or hand, hug him and remember to smile.
  • Be confident:- many times a guy may not French kiss a girl just because they are not sure if the girl wants to share a kiss. Guys love kissing, if your boyfriend is shy of kissing you, you can ask him why he as not tongue kissed you yet.  While kissing doesn’t show signs of nervousness, be confident.

Once you have set the mood for a French kiss, you are now ready to lip lock and French kiss. Follow these simple step by step instructions to French kiss a guy.

  • Start by leaning forward into the guy
  • Angle your head slightly to one side, ensure that you don’t tilt your head to the same side your partner tilts. Angling your head will ensure that you don’t lock noses with your boyfriend.
  • Moisten your lips:- you should avoid dry lips, you can flick your tongue over your lips to moisten them just before kissing.
  • Move your face closer to his and close your eyes. Keeping your eyes open while French kissing can be a big turnoff. Keeping your eyes closed while kissing is also advised because it helps you to heighten the emotional bond and physical bond with your partner.
  • Start kissing with slow gentle closed mouth kisses, gently brush your lips against your partners lips with gentle moves.  Gentle closed mouth kisses too can be sensual and help set the mood for a great kiss.
  • Once you start gently kissing your partners lips, now gently part your lips a little, now with your parted lips gently kiss your partners lower or upper lip with soft sensual moves.
  • While kissing place your hands either on your boyfriends hips or around his back, slowly start moving your hands around exploring his back, move your hands to his shoulder softly caressing them. Now move your hands to his neck and wrap your arms around his neck, gently caressing the back of his head with your hands. You can also hold your partners face with your hands while kissing.
  • Now that your kiss is gaining momentum, start using your tongue, gently flick your tongue on your boyfriend’s lips, and then slowly move your tongue into his mouth. Now gently explore your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Ensure to be gently and not try to shove your tongue down his throat.
  • Now that you have started French kissing or tongue kissing, you can breathe. However avoid breathing through the mouth, breath through your nose and don’t gasp for breath.