dating tips for men

dating tips for men

Valentines Day is a special day to cherish love and romance with your loved ones .It is a memorable moment celebrated all over the globe on the 14 February. On this day you will find couples thronging parks, restaurants, and malls expressing their love for each other by giving gifts, roses and chocolates. A guy’s first date can be a very exhilarating experience and one that you will always remember. You feel like you are in seventh heaven, friendships flower, your personality blooms, and you get a sense of being a desirable person. Long before a guy start dating a girl, you will dream about laughing, talking, going places and having a wonderful time with your girlfriend.

However, dating can bring about a lot of anxiety in men or young boys. You are always anxious to know if the girl likes you, if the date went on well, if she enjoyed herself. If you plan on going on a date, especially your first date, its always advisable to seek some advice or dating tips for men that will help you avoid common dating mistakes made by men when on a date.

Dating tips for men will help you to know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes in brief before you start dating, which will help you prepare yourself to land up with a successful date with your girl.

One very important dating tip for men is that you ask a girl out on a date, you should ensure that she is comfortable with your company. Before you start with the date try to have some conversations ,call her up well in advance and talk politely, shower her with compliments , make her feel important.

On the day of the date confirm the timings and place with her well in advance before you go to pick her up for the date. These dating tips for guys need to be kept in mind to impress a girl and to stand out from rest of the guys that she would have dated in the past.

Let us have a look at some of the important dating tips for men that will help you impress a girl and help you plan a perfect date:

  • Looks: This is the most important guy dating tips, your personal hygiene and grooming. Wear decent clothes and shoes for the date, ensure your hair is well groomed, wear a cologne, shave, over all you should look decent and presentable and not like someone who just got out of bed. Women always look at your shoes; even then it is not an important factor for you. Get clothes that fit you, suit you and are contemporary from your wardrobe. Buy a nice tailored suit with perfect matching pant that represent your personality if you can afford it.
  • Your hygiene and styling: visit the barber and clean up your hair, getting it styled if possible. Get a regular shave that will feel you look great. Men are often criticized for smelling bad, so apply a pleasant and appealing perfume to attract a girl towards you.
  • Read up on manners and courtesy: women’s always wanted to be respected by man. Know how to eat in a top restaurant and hold door open for her and help her seat. Know about fashion, jewelry and flowers and give your suggestions in an orderly and respected manner. Always pay the bill of the restaurant and ask her likes and dislikes about food and order the menu.
  • Well read: Make sure you are up to date with current affairs, watch the news and read quality papers. Women do not appreciate stupidity and laziness which sounds dumb. Tell her more details about the tours and places you have visited proving that   you have such capabilities to plan.
  • Your job: Women want a man who has some ambition in life. Give her a summary about your job profile and responsibilities towards handling some of the important backup of your organization. Give her some idea of your future plans because women will ask questions about your future prospects. However it’s important to know when to stop talking about your job, don’t be boastful and keep an eye for her reactions, if she seems bored with the conversation, change topics to something she can speak about.
  • Listen: Be patient and listen to what she speaks and give your comments on the relevant topic .women always love to talk and share their moments to others so listen it coolly and remember.
  • Learn to dance as women loves to dance don’t seat alone as this will give a bad impression to the girl.Atleast show some effort to dance if you don’t know dancing. This will really make you’re date romantic and sexy.

Following these simple dating tips for men will ensure that you go through your first date with ease. These male dating tips are not only useful for men going out on their first date but can also help guys who have girlfriends or who have been dating for a while. So feel free to follow these dating tips for men and improve your dating life.